Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble Anti Bullying Policy


Corinium Players recognise that:

•  we have a duty of care and responsibility to safeguard all members from harm and will implement an anti-bullying policy in addition to our child protection policy and procedures


•  bullying is never acceptable and must always be challenged. Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and will implement the necessary disciplinary procedures to deal with bullying

What is bullying?


Bulling is an abusive behaviour which intentionally hurts or upsets another individual or group and can be; emotional, physical, sexual or racist


Bullying can take many forms but usually includes the following:

•  Physical or Sexual assault – hitting, kicking, pinching, punching, pushing, scratching, spitting or any other form of physical attack. (All sexual incidents and all bar very minor physical incidents constitute abuse and will be dealt with in accordance with the child protection policy procedures)


•  Damage to or taking someone else’s belongings may also constitute physical bullying


•  Verbal – offensive name calling, insults, racist remarks, sexist or homophobic jokes, teasing, threats, using sexually suggestive or abusive language


•  Non-verbal – includes ignoring someone or leaving them out, and making offensive gestures or facial expressions


•  Indirect – spreading nasty rumours about someone, intimidation, exclusion from social groups



This is a form of bullying which uses technology to deliberately harm or upset others. This type of bullying can happen in many ways, using mobile phones or the internet and could include:

•  Sending hurtful messages or using images in any form to tease or humiliate them


•  Leaving malicious voicemails


•  A series of silent calls


•  Exclude them from chat/messaging rooms/areas


•  ‘Happy slapping’ – sending video/images of people being bullied, so others can see

The purpose of this policy is:

•  to prevent bullying from happening in our organisation, as much as possible


•  when bullying does happen, to make sure it is stopped as soon as possible and that those involved receive the support they need


•  to provide information to all staff, volunteers, young people and their families about what Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble is doing to prevent and deal with bullying

Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble will not tolerate any bullying behaviour by young people or adults and will deal with any incidents immediately in accordance with this policy


This policy covers:

•  Young people bullying other young people


•  Adults bullying young people


•  Young people bullying adults

The policy is as follows:

•  All young people and adults who participate in activities run by the Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble have a responsibility to treat other young people and adults with dignity and respect and refrain from bullying behaviour


•  There will be adequate supervision by the Corinium Players Guitar Ensemble support team at all activities/events to help prevent bullying behaviour


•  If a volunteer witnesses bullying or suspects that bullying is taking place they should inform the Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) Sandra immediately


•  If a young person had been bullied, witnessed a bullying incident or is concerned about another CPGE member they should report their concern to the Sandra, Trevor or a member of the CPGE volunteer team


•  Re-assure them that they have done the right thing by telling you


•  Explain that the best chance of ending bullying is by telling someone as people that bullies rely on their behaviour remaining a secret


•  Tell them that you cannot promise complete confidentiality and that you will only share the information with those who need to know


•  Make a record about what has been said using the CPGE bullying report form and contact Sandra immediately


•  Where the bullying is so serious that it could be a criminal offence you should report it to the police or, as a possible children protection case, to the children’s social services. If you are not sure what to do you can contact the NSPCC Helpling 0808 800 5000 for advice


•  All reports of bullying will be recorded, investigated and report to the Sandra


•  All volunteers that deal with the complaint will need to complete the CPGE Bullying Report form and contact Sandra immediately


•  Sandra will speak separately to all involved in order to get all sides of the story. She will also speak to others who may have witnessed the incident if appropriate


•  If a victim of the alleged bullying is a young person their parent/guardian will be informed of the complaint and the outcome of the investigation

If it is concluded that Bullying has taken place:

•  The complainant, alleged victim and alleged perpetrators will be informed of the outcome of the investigation


•  Support will be given to the victim


•  If deemed appropriate and the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator agree, a joint meeting to discuss the issues involved will be arranged


•  The parent/guardian of both parties will be informed of the action taken

If it is found that bullying has not occurred:

•  The complainant, alleged victim and alleged perpetrator/s will be informed of the outcome of the investigation and the reasons why it was concluded that bullying did not take place


•  Support will be given to the complainant, alleged victim and alleged perpetrator/s if necessary

Disciplinary action:

•  A serious incident can result in the CPGE member being dismissed from the group


•  For incidents that are considered less serious the perpetrator will need to apologise to the victim, agree not to engage in further bullying behaviour and will be closely monitored


•  For incidents involving a member of staff the CPGE child protection procedures will be implemented



Designated Safeguarding Office (DSO): Sandra Dukes

Tel: 0771 313 9148




Child Line: 0800 1111 (24 hours a day)

Kidscape: Anti-bullying helpline: 08451 205 204 (9am-4pm Monday – Thursday)